About The Belle...

So i thought i should probably let you know a little bit about me.
I'm 21, I live in the sout east of england.

I'm ever so slightly obsessed with pretty, shiney, girly things.

There is a rather g
eeky side to me.

I'm an avid crafter, Ever since i was a child i loved sticking and making things and of course getting messy.

That also brings me on to the fact that i love to cook and bake! (Perhaps i'll post a recipe or two..)
I have an overactive imagination!

I have dreams and ambitions like any other person:
I dream about owning my own business
I dream about being a writer
I dream about love and romance
I dream of having a family

We all dream, it all depends whether you decide to chase them or sit and daydream about them.
Never let anybody tell you, you can't do something.